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As far as the Trinity goes, the Sun, Moon, and Rising sign carry equal weight. None is stronger than the other, but thanks for asking, others have too. I'm a Capricorn sun, Aries moon and Libra rising and feel very much the leader that 3 cardinals would imply, but I don't always see that playing out in my relationships and even less so in my career.

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I am passionate and driven, but my interest seems to wane after a time or I get distracted. How would you advise someone with my astrological makeup of cardinal signs? Wow, that's all the cardinal signs! I believe the reason you aren't feeling them in career or relationships means they aren't in the 7th or 10th houses.

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The 7th house would be partnerships and the 10th career. Those are cardinal houses, as well as the 1st and 4th. But this is called a T square if you have planets in certain houses--not only the natural cardinal ones. You could have other planets in signs that aren't as focused, like Gemini or Sag. But it really comes down to houses where the planets in these cardinal signs are.

I'm already pursuing my career as a doctor, how good will I be at it? I'm a lazy person who procrastinates a lot, doesn't this contradict my moon?

What is my love life going to be like? I'm sorry, but without casting a whole Natal Birth Chart, I can't interpret this much information. Astrology is a lot more than what the planets in the signs mean. They are all in houses, and all the planets make aspects to each other. So if I were to interpret what's here, I am missing too much info, and what I told you could be wrong. A Natal Birth chart is a personality profile for your whole life, a picture of the sky at the time of your birth.

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It takes hours to interpret and to draw it up. But it does tell your potentials and pitfalls and ways to work around them. An astrologer needs to know your time of birth, city and country. It's simply too much work for a question and answer portion of a freelance writing site, and this is what this is.

I began answering simple questions as it was a requirement of the site, but now people are asking for more and more hours of my time.

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I would be happy to work with you if you wanted a chart, my blog address is listed on my profile. He has been giving me the cold shoulder lately. Should I drop him or wait it out? There probably is an attraction, Cancer and Capricorn are opposite signs. Contrary to what some think, this is good in a romantic situation. Usually, I would say he's BS-ing you, but Capricorns are serious about love. And serious about how they spend their time.

When a Capricorn says they don't have time to spend quality time, I believe it. Does he work often? There's nobody in the picture except you? Don't be too quick to drop him, give it more time. In the meantime, it would be fine to see other people; it might make him free up some of that precious time.

I'm Cancer, and my first love was Capricorn, so I understand the dynamic. Also, they have a big fear of rejection.

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He may like you a lot more than you think. But don't pass up any other good options while you wait! I'm pulling for you! Concerning zodiac signs, does the Descendant sign give information about our ancestors? Which sign gives information about our ancestors or our parents? No, the descendant isn't about ancestors.

Here are the most important houses, called angular houses.. The 1st house, because it's the ascendant and the way others see us. The 4th house, which rules our home life and family, and real estate we may inherit, part of your question. That house also rules ancestors, and the 3rd house rules relationships with brothers and sisters, or people we are close to and see often. The 7th house rules marriage and war, and describes the type of traits we want in a spouse or important relationship, as we discussed last night.

The 10th house shows how prominent or popular we become in the world, or what we are most noticed for. It usually has to do with career achievements, but it depends on what your strong points or talents are. Cancer is the most family oriented sign, followed by Capricorn. Capricorn is more duty oriented, Cancer is more out of love, though both care deeply.. Also, the 4th house rules the Mother, and the 10th house the Father.

Saturn is also the most karmic planet, so I would look there for info about ancestors. Are there any really strong planetary aspects to your Moon or Saturn? I feel like you are working on a larger question. I am a Gemini rising, Capricorn sun, and Capricorn moon, could you give some insight into my astrological signs?

Having the same zodiac sign--Capricorn--for both your Sun and Moon sign, means you are the same way outside that you feel on the inside. That's another way of saying, "What you see is what you get. Capricorn Sun people are serious, but have a dry sense of humor. You are sensible and reliable. This is a leadership sign, so you are ambitious and have plans for the future. In fact, you always plan ahead. People often come to you for advice, because they know you will listen and tell them something of value, not just some nonsense. You have a good head for business and I can easily see you climbing that mountain of achievement.

The Moon rules your emotions, and they aren't much different. You are a reserved person who takes time to get to know others. You want security in your life and will be careful how you spend. You may date often if single, because of the Gemini rising, but I believe the Capricorn makes it so you see a person and don't see them for long unless they have long time partner potential. You have some trouble expressing emotions, but the Gemini can help here. You care deeply about your family and tradition. Gemini rising is the way people see you on the outside.

So you seem more outgoing and playful than you really are. But this also helps you to communicate more easily than a double Capricorn, so it's a good thing. You are intelligent and come off as brainy. You are fun to talk to and know a little about many topics. It's a nice Trinity. Scorpios are strong, independent, psychic, caring, and hard workers.


You make your own rules and are likely to change many times in your life as you evolve. Scorpios are reserved at first and are careful who they let into their lives. They aren't snobby, just cautious. Plus being very emotional, you do need time to yourself.

You will help the circle of people you love and do anything for them. The Capricorn Moon is also a bit discriminating, so you really do have a little trouble letting people in. Capricorns are ambitious and hard working. You are emotional but don't always show it a lot, most quietly and in private. The Leo rising brings you out more.

Its the way others see you being the rising sign.

It's' a more outgoing and friendly vibe, needed here, warm and inviting. Leo and Scorpio are both fixed signs, so you can be a tad stubborn, but the Capricorn in you can be reasonable. Leo gives you artistic talent too! I think it's a good trinity. I am very emotional, but at the same time detached. I was pondering the idea of how my Capricorn Moon reacts to the emotional stimuli that I am almost constantly in. How do I process and react to such extreme levels of emotional turmoil as a Capricorn Moon?

I'm an Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon and Virgo rising, I can never understand relationships, what people are most compatible with me?