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Soviet treaty eliminating medium-range nuclear missiles" had been signed at p. In addition, many papers reported the story that Ronald Reagan had postponed his inauguration 9 minutes as governor of California till a. Reagan became noted as being one of the few governors to actually sign astrology legislation when on August 30, , as Governor of California, he signed legislation which became Chapter , and added Section to the government Code, relating to astrology.

The legislation removed Sacramento licensed astrologers from the category of fortune tellers, thus allowing them to practice their trade for compensation. In his book "For the Record" Regan stated that Nancy Reagan planned almost all presidential travel, press conferences, and even the president's cancer surgery based on information she was receiving from Quigley. Regan made his stunning revelation concerning the use of astrology after being forced out of the White House by Nancy Reagan. It was a revelation that upset many inside and outside the White House including another prominent astrologer Jean Dixon.

Dixon, an astrologer who became nationally prominent for her prediction of the assassination of President John Kennedy, was once an astrological advisor to Reagan. Dixon had gained the favor of the future president by predicting in that he would become Governor of California, and later President of the United States.

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She was dropped by Nancy in , when she stated that Reagan would not gain the presidency that year. Nancy figured that Dixon had lost her powers of prediction. Joan Quigley was quickly picked up by Nancy as the next seer, even though she too predicted that would not be the year for Reagan. In , when the astrology scandal broke at the White House, Dixon sent Reagan a copy of an New York Times editorial she had just written supporting the use of astrology.

The astrology news was announced, mysteriously and coincidentally, on almost the same day as the death of Carroll Righter. Righter, a prominent Hollywood astrologer, was rumored to have been President Reagan's favorite astrologer during a long 45 year relationship.

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Reagan even admitted in his autobiography "Where's the Rest of Me" that he and Righter were friends, and that he and Nancy read Righter's column "regularly. Other astrologers rumored to be connected to the Reagan White House included Joyce Jillson, who told the Associated Press that the Reagans regularly consulted astrologers, and that it was this counsel that led to Reagan doing things like having news conferences during the full moon.

Jillson stated that "she had been to the White House" and "spent a lot of time there after the assassination attempt on Reagan.

The Jillson claim actually backed up the same Bush-astrology allegation that had been made five years earlier by Democratic Rep. Larry McDonald. Reagan and his wife are both very avid followers and believers.

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And guess what these seers of the horoscope had to say? That Mr. Reagan would be the nominee and that the Republicans could win the White House only if George Bush was his running mate.

Sydney Omarr, 76; Astrologer to Stars Wrote World’s Best-Read Horoscopes

I told Reagan that George Bush was the only choice. The rest is history. In his first reply to reporter questions about the Reagan's use of astrology, and the story that he might actually have been picked as Vice President by an astrologer, Bush actually defended the practice. There are a helluva lot of people across this country that read these columns.

Otherwise they would not be in the papers. Astrology was only a part of Reagan's interest in things unseen. He was openly known to be very interested in anything occult including UFOs, lucky numbers, astrology, lucky coins, and ghosts. Even small things bothered Reagan such as a house that Reagan friends purchased for the Reagans at St. Cloud in Bel Air, California.

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When Reagan found out the address, paperwork was immediately started to change the address to St. If he emptied his pants pockets you would always find about five good lucky charms that people had sent him. To protect the administration from potentially damaging leaks about the Reagan obsession with the occult, a team of officials worked together to cover up things up.

Deaver, always the loyal Reagan team player, was the official who took the bizarre timing requests made by astrologer Quigley, and made changes in the Reagan schedule while keeping secret the source of the information. On the other hand, Reagan's last national Security advisor General Colin Powell, had as part of his job to keep "the little green men" references out of Reagan's speeches.

Reagan, as his speeches clearly show, was fond of the space-invader movie analogy that the world would unit if faced with an extraterrestrial invasion force.

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  8. Powell feared that if Reagan kept raising the issue people, would actually start to believe aliens were invading. Every time he raised this scenario which Reagan called my " fantasy" in planning sessions, Powell reportedly rolled his eyes and would say to his staff, "Here comes the little green men again. Other Reagan staffers had the jobs of protecting the White House from disclosures the President might make while answering questions from the public, particularly from children.

    The staffers had learned that Reagan, the consummate story teller, tended to let strange things slip out. As one staffer said, "The god-damnest things would come out of his mouth.

    Though Omarr was eventually blinded and paralyzed by multiple sclerosis , he maintained a rigorous work and writing schedule with the aid of assistants. Every year he published thirteen astrology books, including one volume for each sign of the zodiac.

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    He also worked at various times as a news reporter for the United Press, a radio news director and editor, and an editor of astrology magazines, and he was a frequent guest on television talk shows. Omarr, Sydney, Answer in the Sky. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. October 8, Retrieved October 08, from Encyclopedia. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia.