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By projecting this circle of the houses over the zodiacs circle, we see in what signs are the 4 cuspides and the houses. There are lots of complicated methods of calculation, I described further on their principles. We can create them because the astronomers can mathematically predict the trajectories of the objects of the sky, the astrologers project their motion: on the zodiacal circle and into the ephemeredes tables. Thru the ephemeredes tables we can see our: solar zodiacal sign, vulcanian, mercurian, venusian, lunar, of the Moons nods, of the black Moon, martian, jupiterian, saturnian, neptunian, of planetoid Chiron, uranian, plutonian, of the different planetoids, asteroids or of other planets satellites from the solar system.

Free internet addresses with the ephemeredes tables: www. The sidereal time measures in how much time the Earth rotates completely degrees around its own axis in how much time a point on Earth sees again the same star and it is in the ephemeredes tables but only for the hour 00, using the three simple rule we find the results for our standard hour not of summer and with another table we find out the ascendant.

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  8. On Earth we measure the GMT time and the local time with a delay of less than 4 minutes 3 minutes and 56 seconds , because we dont measure in how much time the Earth rotates around its own axis, but in how much time the light of the Sun sees again a same point on Earth 24 hours. These approximately 4 minutes in plus of the GMT, from the sidereal time, are due to the fact that the Earth makes a rotation around the Sun at the same time with the rotation on its own axis. Also the ascendants have decades, degrees, minutes being a zodiacal sign.

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    When the ascendant of a person is compatible with the anothers, the houses and the rest of the cusps will be mathematically compatible in a bigger proportion. Because of the many tables, I didnt give the methods of calculations, but neither the simpler ones, because there are made all the time mistakes. At the next free internet addresses can be found the zodiacal signs, the ascendant and the other cuspids, very exactly here we dont have to change by ourselves the date and hour according to the eventual daylight saving time, because this thing can be made automatically, so we introduce the date of birth from the identity card and the official hour from the register of the hospital of the birth, unlike at the calculation of the Chinese pillars where we have to transform : www.

    Thus we take the Suns zodiacal sign for the first person and we compare it with the Suns zodiacal sign of the other person, the Vulcans zodiacal sign of the first person with that of the second person and so on for the other planets, satellites, asteroids and also the ascendants of the two persons. How we can practically make the zodiacal compatibilities, by using the described theoretical data, it is exemplified at the total final zodiacal compatibility.

    In essence we add cipher by cipher until we obtain a single number from 1 to 9.